The branching out of connectors after the first meeting was a ripple effect. I am still connected to the connectors and they help me and mentor me with any questions I have. They also send out job posting or refer me to other professionals to meet without me having to ask.
— Sameer Javed
...Thanks to WR Connectors I was able to quickly build my new professional network in Canada and in less than 2 months after joining the program to find my current job... Becoming one of the WR Connectees should be one of your first tasks after coming to Canada.
— Maria Alexandrova
... the conversations did help me to clarify my goals and helped me make the decision to become an entrepreneur. The contacts I made through my Connector were valuable resources while setting up my business, and remain by my side as helpful colleagues.
— Nikita Parikh networking skills have improved tremendously after meeting with a connector and I feel a lot more confident networking with random meeting with my Connector helped point me in the right direction regarding my job search.
— Kingsley Ezeocha
The Connector meetings definitely helped me learn more about the region and local job market, and eventually lead me to my current job...I highly recommend the Connector Program to people who are looking for a job in their field and would like to expand their networks. You won’t regret participating in this program.
— Elva Zhou